The 116th Annual Camp Meeting

July 22nd- August 1st

Evangelists: Michael Adams and Kenny Greenway

Musicians: Bob and Norma Cooley

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Welcome to the Hortense Wesleyan Camp!

Thank you for your interest in the camp!  For well over a century the Hortense Camp has been a place of faith and revival.  Located in the South East Georgia in the rural community of Hortense, we are just a short drive from Brunswick, Jesup and Waycross.  Please attend a worship service and have an old fashioned open-air revival experience! 

Pack up your 'wagon', grab your Bible, study the map, and come to camp!


Around the year 1900, Reverend William Marion Lee came to Hortense, Georgia and held a tent revival.  As a result of these revival meetings, the Hortense Wesleyan Camp Association was formed in the year 1904.  To discover more of the camp's history, visit our founders page and read our centennial testimonies.   


The Hortense Wesleyan Camp is a holiness camp ground.  Our doctrine is Wesleyan in theology. We believe that the Almighty God, by His grace and through each individual's faith, saves fallen mankind through the life, death and resurrection of His only Son, Jesus Christ.  We also believe that this same Almighty God, through His Holy Spirit, is able to empower us to live a life of holiness.  The evidence of this ongoing work of God is expressed in love, both to Him and to our fellow man.

Please follow the following link for more information on the Wesleyan Church.


Worship services are held daily during the encampment and includes special music, congregational singing and a sermon delivered by one of our camp evangelists.  Morning worship begins at 11:00 AM and evening worship begins at 7:30 PM.  In addition to the two services per day there is a morning prayer time, Sunday School, youth and children's activities, and a memorial service to recognize those that have 'finished the course.'    More information can be found on our ministries page.


The centerpiece of the camp is the open-air tabernacle where the majority of the worship services take place.  Surrounding this historic structure are dorms, apartments, a dining hall, youth and children's buildings and a 'shack' that is dedicated to snacks.  We invite you to take a virtual tour of the camp and view pictures taken by some of the campers.

Contact the camp

If you would like more information on the camp, or to check on lodging availability or service times, please use the contact form on our website!

Thank you for your interest in Hortense Wesleyan Camp!

Camp Schedule:

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