Hortense Camp

in the Wesleyan tradition

100 Years Celebration: 1904 - 2004

Rev. C.O. (Claude) Scott

(Camp evangelist in 1972 and 1974)

I received your letter of 100 years at Hortense Camp.  It was my good pleasure to be with you at two different Camp Meetings.  My wife was with me the fist time but not the last time.  We did enjoy your Southern Hospitality and Entertainment.  We had a good room and enjoyed the fellowship in the dining hall.

One thing I do remember.  I did not like okra, but your cooks knew how to prepare it to my liking.  I guess I ate my share of most anything they served.

We felt you had nice grounds and good buildings, and it was easy to preach to your good people.  I remember the good early morning prayer meetings and the good altar services.  I also remember that Dr. H.K. Sheets, the other evangelist, got sick and could not attend some meetings. 

I do appreciate your invitation to be with you for the celebration in 2004, but as of now I cannot count on being there.  Trust you have a Great Celebration.

(Mildred, Rev. Scott's wife of 66 years, passed away September 27, 2002.)