Hortense Camp

in the Wesleyan tradition

100 Years Celebration: 1904 - 2004

Rev. William Kinnan

(Camp evangelist in 2000 and 2002)

1904 was a year of momentous happenings, 100 years ago, an event took place that would shape lives for all eternity.  Hortense Wesleyan Camp was born.  From a humble beginning the work of God would grow and touch many lives with the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.  During the past 100 years, the most important factor in the life and ministry of the camp has been the blessings from God.  There have been times when senses were dulled, perception lacking and faith wavering, with valleys deep and people few.  But in every inadequacy there was the presence of an all-sufficient Lord with unlimited resources who never failed to provide.  For 100 years hymns have been sung, sermons have been preached, testimonies have been given, altar services have been recorded and, I understand, marriages have been performed and funerals conducted.  Above all, God has been glorified.

I treasure the opportunities I had to serve as evangelist on two different occasions.  President Sheldon Rowell and his staff and the people who attended and worked at the camp made them memorable times for my wife and me.  I remember so well the altar services, the singing and preaching of co-workers and the youth meetings that exalted our Lord.

June and I offer our sincere congratulations to President Rowell, the camp board and the wonderful people who made up Hortense Wesleyan Camp.  We wish we could be with you to celebrate this wonderful event.  You are in our prayers.  Just think!  One century of service completed and the opportunity to occupy till Jesus comes.