Hortense Camp

in the Wesleyan tradition

100 Years Celebration: 1904 - 2004

Willodeen Spaulding Horne

(Daughter of Bud and Ina Spaulding)

I've been playing and camping around Hortense Camp since I was a small child.  I would not trade the memories of this for anything.

My mom and dad would always get us to camp some way, some how, with the Lord's help.  I remember one year our car broke down with us going to camp and along came Mr. Mrs. Jesse Jacobs.  They were so good and kind to help us out.

I remember the old saints back then: Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Jacobs, Mrs Susie Strickland, Mrs. Nellie Long, Mrs. Mattie Hodge, Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Day, the Harrells, the Lewises, Rev. Ruth Newton (Rogers), Brother Gunby, Brother Merrell, Brother Harris, the Middletons, the Milton Robersons, Mr. and Mrs. Poppell, Mrs Padgett, Mrs. Carter, the Harrisons and some whose names I've probably overlooked.  I can just see all of those saints in my mind today.  They all had their own unique ways about them, but very endearing people.

In our era, Miss Ruth Newton was our children's worker.  She always had interesting things to show and tell us about God and the Bible.  I feel she had a tremendous influence on a great number of us that are connected with Hortense Camp today.  She gave her utmost to the Lord and his work.

At lunchtime in the old boarding house, Mrs. Lewis and Aunt Lou would have the best smelling food cooking for the workers and others that were staying in the boarding house.  They would have a meal fit for a king.  They had no modern conveniences like we do today, but all the churches and different people would always help out in lots of ways to promote the work of the Lord.  There were seven of us children, so consequently we camped and prepared our own meals.  We enjoyed the camp anyway.

The camp has changed quite a lot since my childhood days, but it is a beautiful camp and a lot of faithful people have helped to keep it going.  These workers are to be appreciated for without them there would be no camp meeting.  I'm just thankful for being a small part of Hortense Camp.

When camp meeting time comes, I really would rather be there than any other place I know.

If just one soul is saved during the camp, that is worth all the hard work and preparation for it.