Hortense Camp

in the Wesleyan tradition

100 Years Celebration: 1904 - 2004

Rev. Yancy H. Carter

(Camp evangelist in 1973, 1976, and 1979)

The Hortense Camp holds a very special place in our lives.  We felt it an honor and a blessing to have the privilege to be one of the workers three different times.

I do not know if I would have much to say of the Camp that would be of special interest to the Celebration.  From what I heard of the Camp, much of the improvements had been made for the comfort of the workers and all who attended.  I felt that the Camp had been and still is a blessing to many souls, and no doubt in my mind but that there will be souls in Heaven because of the Camp there.

I trust that you folk will have a good camp in the year 2004 along with a great Celebration.  I think that it is wonderful that people have cared enough to keep the Camp going that long, and I hope that it will be very much alive when Jesus comes to catch away His Church. 

(Rev. Carter's wife of 67 1/2 years passed away July 24, 2002)