Hortense Camp

in the Wesleyan tradition

100 Years Celebration: 1904 - 2004

Rev. Hugh C. Pope

(Former District Superintendent, Georgia District of the Wesleyan Church; Camp evangelist in 1980.)

A dear friend and Christian brother by the name of Mr. Milton Roberson first introduced me to the Hortense area churches and the Hortense Wesleyan Camp in 1974.  Brother Roberson was the vice-chairman of the Hortense Wesleyan Church Board and also served on the Hortense Wesleyan Camp Board.  Brother Roberson invited me to be the evangelist at the Hortense Wesleyan Church in the spring of 1974.  Since then, I have had the privilege of ministering to many of the churches in the Hortense Zone and also at the Hortense Camp.  I was elected District Superintendent of the Georgia District of the Wesleyan Church in 1981, therefore, I had many opportunities to minister at the Hortense Camp.

There are many "spiritual mountain peaks" that I can fondly recall regarding my relationship with the Hortense Wesleyan Camp.  I wish to share three:

(1) It is very visible that the past and present generation of leaders have remained true to the vision of the founders of the camp.  This "spiritual mountain peak" is an important reason why the camp has ministered consistently and continually over the past 100 years.

(2) Probably the most important "spiritual mountain peak" to recall is the fact that many people have been saved and sanctified and are in Heaven today because of the ministry of the Hortense Camp.

(3) Another "spiritual mountain peak" that I can recall is the wonderful spiritual services that I have experienced under the "ole tabernacle."  I also well remember the wonderful fellowship that I have shared with many ministers and laymen on these hallowed grounds.  Not to be forgotten, is the wonderful Georgia cuisine that I have enjoyed along with many others around the tables in the camp cafeteria.

We join you in prayer for a great out-pouring of God's blessing on the Camp and Celebration.  May God bring revival and spiritual renewing there and throughout the Wesleyan Church.  It is our prayer that the Camp will take on new life and vigor as it enters into its second century of ministry.